We appreciate your business and loyalty towards the fashion of Thuy Nga Design for the past 15 years

This collection includes a wide range of styles including office attire, casual and evening wear. It was based on the thought of change in life and the blend between Vietnam and the rest of the world. The styles and the colours lend to the youthfulness and beauty of clothing that is simple and comfortable to wear.

Thuy Nga Design always prides itself upon the quality of its production and the creative cut on the bias which we are know for. In addition, we close exclusive fabrics in a wide range of colours and patterns which are suitable for our new designs.

One of the new fabrics Thuy Nga Design would like to introduce to you is chiffon silk- a fascinating silk used in many of our womenswear designs from shell-tops to dress. These fashions are incruted with rhinestone, lace and as always cut on the bias. This material has also used to design our new evening wear collection.

Thuy Nga Design also used other fabrics suchas silk velvet, silk satin, silk opal, linen and leather.

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